About Jacqui

Welcome to Crazy Creative Crochet.

Crazy, because I’m just a little touched, LOL

Creative, I love creating things, I have dabbled in various types of crafts such as beading, stamping etc. But by far my favourite is crocheting.

2015 was all kinds of hell for me. In Feb I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar. Not much of a surprise but finally able to understand the many years of drama.

In June I lost my Uncle, whom I regarded as my Dad, and my Mom. These two losses where devastating. And then, in July, my sister lost her step grandson, 9 years old, to a brain tumour. For months our family was reeling from our losses.

This was too much for me, so after lengthy discussions with my wonderful husband, I made the decision in October to quit my 5 year career as an estate agent. I loved my career but could no longer cope with the tremendous stress that being an agent carries.

Then came the big C. In September I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in November I said goodbye to my precious left breast 🙁 .

I chose not to have any of the chemo, radiation and hormone treatments that where readily offered to me. My PET scan came back clean and I could see no reason to poison my body when there is only a 30% chance that the cancer wouldn’t come back. And there are far too many stories of these “treatments” actually aiding the cancer.

I’m not a religious person, but there was some divine intervention that took me to a The Beverley Hills Hotel in Durban to attend a KnitWit event held for 67 Blankets for Mandela Day in March of 2015.

I became re-hooked on crocheting. I have not stopped since then. It is crocheting that carried me through the dark days of 2015. Together with the amazing support of my wonderful husband Ryan, my best friend Alma and all my family and friends.

I have made many items for family and friends. Below are some of the items I made for various charities and my staff