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Welcome to CrazyCreativeCrochet

I invite you to browse through my handcrafted crochet creations which include fashionable clothing items for women and children as well as home décor accessories to suit any home’s style and colour scheme.

Although I do all the crochet work myself, some of my products are based on patterns that I have either purchased or which are available for free online. Credit to the source of the pattern is given where appropriate. I, however, do sometimes modify patterns to add my own flair or create my own unique patterns which bring the ancient craft of crochet up to date with modern trends and styles.

As most of the items are made to order, there are waiting periods for delivery based on the product size, complexity and quantity of your order. Unless otherwise stated, you will be notified of the due date of your order upon making your purchase.

We trust you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and love the products you purchase as much as I have loved creating them.